16 Great Crowdfunding Platforms for Funding

16 Great Crowdfunding Platforms for Funding


Do you have a great business idea but does not have any funds to start up? Or maybe you have a campaign such as charity or fund raising?

Have you heard of crowdfunding?

Crowdfunding is the getting large group of people to fund your project or campaign through sponsoring small amounts of money via the Internet and is getting more popular nowadays with many startups getting their funding from the crowdfunding platforms. Learn which are the popular crowdfunding platforms around in the Internet.

There are a wide array of crowdfunding platforms, each with its own unique spin on raising funds. Some platforms support charitable or creative campaigns, others reward-based campaigns, while still others support equity-based campaigns. Some are for accredited investors only while some are open to all types of investors. Some are designed to help raise funds for product development while others are looking for donations to help an individual or family deal with personal needs. While some are designed to help charities raise money. The following list should help you make some sense out of which platforms are best suited for your crowdfunding needs: 16 Popular Crowdfunding Platforms – Center for Business Modeling

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