3 Ways Digital Distraction can Kill Your Relationship

3 Ways Digital Distraction can Kill Your Relationship

Our world had changed and we are very dependent to our digital devices such as smartphones and tablets. Although this devices had made our life simple but it also might harm our relationship with our love ones. Learn some of the ways that how it can create distractions and kill our relationship.

I’m not going to pretend I’m better than anyone else. I have an iPhone, and Siri is my constant companion. My husband and I are constantly asking each other, “Are you looking something up, or are you scrolling the feed?”

Sometimes I am looking something up. More often, I nervously shut it down like a teenager caught doing something online they shouldn’t.

We’ve talked about how our phone’s, tablets, and laptops come between us. Scrolling the feed can feel so innocent. What difference does it make if we are looking at a device when we aren’t talking or doing something else?

1. Sharing silence is intimate. You often hear people talk about finding someone they can be silent with. It’s precious. It’s comfortable. It’s rare. Being able to share uniquely quiet moments makes you more aware of the presence of another person. Simple things show up more brightly, like hand-holding or cuddling when they are wrapped in a soft silence.

When you instructively reach for your phone or your laptop at the first hint of a silent shared moment, you cut yourself off from being present in an intimate space by distracting yourself with the outside world. Silence and boredom are ok. In fact they are good things, a couple should be able to share. read more at lisamhayes.com

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