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5 Weird Benefits of Setting Life Goals

It is important to set goals for your life, it work as a guideline on what you want to achieve and work for it. However, a lot times people tends to forget their goals after setting it.

Let’s us start from the beginning and learn this 5 Weird Benefits in Setting Life Goals.

Have you ever tried setting goals for your life, only to fall off the wagon and drift back to your old habits? Have you ever wondered why goal-setting doesn’t seem to impact your life as much as it impacts the lives of certain successful people you know?

Let’s start with the basics:

Life goals aren’t those wishful, “would-be-nice-to-have” goals you set while daydreaming. Life goals are born out of pain, frustration, lack, and hurt. They drive you towards success, achievement, abundance, and happiness.

The key is to have goals across all important areas of your life, because let’s face it – there’s no sense winning in a few areas and losing in all the rest. While no two people are exactly alike, I believe we can all agree that the following areas of our lives are important enough to set our goals in. Although the specific goals I have included may not be something you are interested in, they are there to get you started. read more at pickthebrain.com

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