Top 5 Foods that Help to Fight Cancer

Top 5 Foods that Help to Fight Cancer

Cancer is getting more common this days, learn how we can prevent or even fight it with the natural way through our dieting.

As we enter into National Cancer Prevention month, it seems fitting to talk about simple ways to reduce our risk for cancer. No one likes to talk about cancer, but with more than 50% of cancers being preventable, it’s something worth discussing. You can up your odds of prevention just by incorporating certain foods into your diet. I promise it’s some of the easiest adulting you’ll even do. Check out these 5 foods that are proven to fight cancer. Read up and eat up.

Berries are loaded with vitamin C, which often gets them listed as a superfood. In this case, it also gets them on our list of cancer fighting foods. The high levels of vitamin C can inhibit the growth of some tumors. Strawberries in particular are very high in vitamin C. Blueberries, although not as packed with this cancer fighting vitamin, are full of phytonutrients. These phytonutrients help to prevent the proliferation of cancers cells. In addition, the ellagic acid found in berries and especially raspberries stops cancer cells from reproducing. Studies have found ellagic acid helped prevent skin, bladder, lung, esophagus and breast cancer. I mean, it’s easy to add more berries in your diet, so no excuses here. Sprinkle that shit on your ice cream if you have to– or the overpriced self-serve froyo in a giant recycled and compostable cup that’s served off a bio-diesal fueled food truck. Whatever works.

Sticking with fruit, we move on to grapes, specifically red and purple grapes. The skin is the most beneficial part of this food as it’s loaded with resveratol. Lab studies found that this antioxidant to be anti-inflammatory and it prevented cancer at a cellular level. Resveratol also slowed the growth of cancer and the formation of tumors. It has even killed cancerous tumors. In order to reap the real benefits, stick to dark grapes and grape juice, wine just won’t do it. Sorry, the struggle is real y’all. read more at

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