What You Need To Know About Google Updates

What You Need To Know About Google Updates

Google had been updating their algorithm in order to catch irrelevant websites and enhance user experience.

If you are doing SEO for your website or doing affiliate marketing, do take note of the Google update alerts.

On January 12th, Google officially confirmed that Panda, which focuses on the quality of a site’s content, is now baked into Google’s core ranking algorithm. Here’s what this significant update means:

Some websites have already seen a massive impact from this Panda update. For example, this site saw a steep drop in traffic.

What might this mean for affiliate sites?

Affiliate sites with poor quality or duplicate content may be hit with a Google penalty and will see a decline in organic traffic which could result in a decline in traffic and revenue to merchant sites.

The next update to Penguin, which penalizes sites with spammy links, is coming soon but we’re not entirely sure when. We just know that it is scheduled to be released by the end of Q1.
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